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Typefi Publish — automated publishing software

Typefi® Publish dynamically automates layout and production of print and digital publications.

Save time with efficient, streamlined workflows

Save money with lower production costs

Increase production quantity, frequency and formats

Typefi's patented software, built on XML and Adobe® InDesign®, supports:

  • beautiful, rich designs in complex or simple layouts
  • complex elements such as tables, math equations, figures, text boxes and multimedia
  • a range of content input formats including Microsoft® Word, Google Docs™, CMS databases and XML files
  • multiple languages and character sets
  • single-source publishing
  • custom publishing from multiple content sources
  • multiple output formats — print, EPUB, Kindle™, PDF, HTML, DAISY and more.

Typefi Publish is flexible, scalable and configurable; integrates with existing software systems; and is available in a range of configurations to suit any publishing environment:

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